Custom Metal Fabrication and Assembly

To support our custom plastic molding, Osborne Industries has a large metal fabrication department that can perform secondary operations. The metal fabrication department contains a wide variety of presses with the capability to bend, punch and shear all types of metal. Osborne also has large metal saws, numerous welding stations, and other equipment to meet most any secondary metal application.

Whether your application requires bonding of metal plates or installation of metal hardware such as hinges and brackets, Osborne’s ability to supply and install metal hardware saves you time and money.

We also perform numerous secondary operations, such as bonding metal plates and installing hinges and brackets, saving you assembly time and money on your custom molding project.

If your custom plastic molding project requires secondary assembly of metal components, be sure to ask about all of our metal fabrication capabilities. Contact us now to learn more about our full range of capabilities.