Employee Stock Ownership Plan at Osborne Industries


Osborne Industries, Inc. is a 100% Employee Owned Company

The primary purpose of the Employee Ownership Plan (ESOP) is to provide retirement benefits to the employees through ownership of the company for which they work and to provide a market for shares held by regular stockholders as well as shares held by retired employee-stockholders.

At Osborne Industries we strive to build a common vision to develop leadership in all areas. This leadership is built by taking ownership of what each and everyone of us do on a daily basis. In March 2007, Osborne Industries became a 100% Employee Owned company, a big step to take ownership and provide the best quality of service and products to our customers.

The shares are held in an employee owned trust known as the Employee Ownership Plan (ESOP) and Trust. Each year, eligible employees receive a pro-rata portion of the shares contributed to the Trust by the Company and accumulate individual ownership within the Trust. At the end of each fiscal year, an independent business appraiser establishes the current value of ownership shares and consequently the value of each employe e- stockholder’s holdings. An employee who retires or terminates employment with the Company may retain their vested shares or sell them to the Company or sell them back to the ESOP at the latest appraised value.

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